For demanding drivers, the Winter  SOTTOZERO™ Serie II guarantees excellent performance on dry roads, in the wet and in the presence of snow. In temperatures below 7°C, it counters aquaplaning more effectively when compared to a summer tire.
The asymmetric tread pattern is divided into two distinct elements. The inner area expels water effectively whilst the external area, with its more rigid and spaced blocks, ensures high levels of grip on snow. These features on the W270 version are enhanced by the exclusive patented twin-compound solution.
Characterised by low rolling resistance, the Winter SOTTOZERO™ Serie II also provides low noise levels, enhancing comfort in the cabin.

• Asymmetrical tread pattern with internal and external area improves overall Performance
Internal area: inclined grooves to increase lateral grip and reduce noise: Snow traction and riding comfort
External area: longitudinal grooves to reduce aquaplaning risk Two ribs to increase tyre rigidity: Safety on wet surfaces and enhanced handling in the dry
• Patented I.B.S. technology for sipe construction
Increased contact area even on irregular roads: Improved grip for traction and braking performance
Increased tyre rigidity: Stability for improved handling
• New Temperature Dynamic Compound (TDC)
Excellent handling and grip in dry and wet conditions
Safety and enjoyment when driving in autumn and winter weather Conditions

Tire size Product code Load index Speed rating Sidewall Tread depth (32 in) UTQG treadwear Adherence UTQG code Temperature UTQG code
205/50R17 1919800 93 H 11
205/50R17 1957200 93 H 11
205/55R17 2160000 91 H 11
205/65R17 2157800 96 H 11
215/45R18 2285200 93 V 11
225/45R17 2056900 91 H 11
225/50R18 2008800 99 H 11
225/55R16 2073000 95 H 11
225/55R17 2051800 97 H 11
225/55R17 2159900 97 H 11
225/60R16 2001600 98 H 11
225/60R17 2001400 99 H 11
235/50R19 1928500 99 H 11
235/50R19 1817700 103 H 11
235/55R17 2001500 99 H 11
235/55R18 1885500 104 H 11
245/40R18 1817600 97 H 11
245/40R18 2592200
245/45R17 1817400 99 H 11
265/35R20 2313600 99 V 11
265/40R18 2592100
295/35R19 2647900