The eco-friendly Tourevo LS II is a luxury oriented all seasonperformance tire is engineered to provide improved tread wear, rollingresistance and fuel economy for the latest performance touring vehicles.

·          TOYOECO LOGO
Represents Toyo Tires advanced efforts for a cleaner, greener planet. For youit means better fuel economy, lower costs and better value.

·          Asymmetric,Non-Directional Tread Design
Enables cross rotation to reduce irregular wear.

·          LargeShoulder Blocks
Large outside contact patch works to increase lateral stiffness when cornering.

·          FullDepth Multi-Wave Sipes
Minimize irregular wear for a smooth, quiet ride.
Increase all-season traction.

·          SilentWall Technology
Reduces pipe resonance, resulting in a quieter ride.

·          AllSeason Wet and Dry Performance
Three deep circumferential evacuation grooves and two sub grooves provideeffective water drainage to reduce hydroplaning for better road grip.
Dedicated asymmetrical design to optimize grip throughout the tire under avariety of driving conditions.

Tire size Product code Load index Speed rating Sidewall Tread depth (32 in) UTQG treadwear Adherence UTQG code Temperature UTQG code
195/65R15 108020 91H H BW 10 400AA A AA A